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Mr. Boylin

"Forced me to rethink my approach and deal head on with my shortcomings rather than continue the bulldozer approach with my employees."

"Did an outstanding job of teaching me. My behaviors started to change immediately."

"I would recommend this program to all busines owners and managers."

"I have been able to apply several facets of the class already."

"I think his ability to simplify management skills was extremely valuable."

"I have started practicing a lot of these techniques at work. They have made a big difference in my business life, for the better."

"I can see most of the managers putting the applications to use, especially their listening skills. I am very pleased with the results and would be happy to recommend you at any time."

"Made me change the way I handled my associates on a daily basis. In turn, I saw better results in their work."

"Your assessment process has proven to be uncannily accurate and the supervisory training has benefited the company a great deal."

"I have a Master's of Science in Administration and I got more from Mr. Boylin's program than I did in my entire Master's program."

"I loved the Action Discussion worksheet. It is a simple yet effective tool to aid in presenting information and reaching consensus quickly and effectively."

"The Action Plan allows us to better meet goals. Projects are now started AND completed!"

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