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Mr. Boylin

Dennis Boylin, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

Dennis Boylin, president and founder of Boylin Management Institute, is a unique and straightforward trainer, speaker, and coach whose goal is to provide cost-effective practical skills with immediate on-the-job impact.

His book, "Six Keys To Stress-Free Management" is the basis for his highly rated Key Supervisory Skills course that has been presented internally for numerous organizations and is currently offered at several colleges.

Dennis has served as a consultant to manufacturing, government, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and retail organizations. His operations experience includes independent and corporate positions at supervisory, management, and executive levels.

Through focused assessment, training, and coaching, Dennis brings management and employees together towards a common goal.


Mr. Boylin recently received the prestigious CEL Award for Excellence from California State University. He was instrumental in the University's development and implementation of a customized leadership program for a major multi-national corporation.

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